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BOATBAGS™ 1x to 8+

        “Pushing  Cover Technology Forward”     

                         MADE BY ROWERS FOR ROWERS

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We have taken extensive measures to ensure that all  suppliers, staff and couriers all adhere to ALL Govt Guidelines to keep YOU and everyone SAFE.

Sculling Boat Covers, Rowing Boat Covers. Racing Shell Covers. Single Scull Covers,

Double Scull Covers,Quadruple Scull Covers,  Pair  Covers, Coxed Four Covers,

Coxless Four Covers,  Octuple Covers, Eight  Covers , Launch Covers,

Trestle and Sling Tops, Racing Boat Covers for 1x,2x,2+,4x,4+,4x+,8x,8x+,8+.

ZIPBAGS™ from Boatbags™

After years of trying various zip assemblies it took a great deal of testing to find the correct zip product with durability, weatherproofing, waterproofing and the most important UV A and UVB protection to keep you boats in the very best condition either in storage or transport.

They are now.


Secure, Tracked Carriage to be added  


These covers have been painstakingly designed with input from previous cover

owners to ensure that its absolutely right FOR YOU.

The Transport -Boatbag is a totally new concept . Once the boat is in you just Zip Up

the end and pull straps tight. The straps are integral so they cannot be lost.

It is very, very quick to put on only taking about 1 to 2 minutes max.

Boatbags™ designer has spent a lifetime in rowing first as as an athlete and then for

over 20 years as an National Award winning Professional coach, coaching raw  

beginners to athletes at the Senior World Championships.  When putting on some

covers with his Athletes at a GB Trial at Boston on a very cold and wet day he saw

there was a huge need for a change. The covers were extremely fidly and difficult to

get on, took a long time to put on and needed more than one athlete per single. All this

when the athletes were tired, wet and cold, and had a long drive to get home.

From that day Boatbags™ were then designed with a totally new concept with both

materials and construction.

After a short while as the new designs became well used and popular the name

Boatbags™ soon become the word used for in common rowing parlance for rowing

boat covers and the design innovations have been taken and used universally across

the sport.

Boatbags™concentrate on three main areas of design.

The very best outdoor materials for the usage and the boats.

Ease of use.

Speed of Covering.

To ensure this these areas are continually addressed.

The newest and best in outdoor materials on the world market are sourced, checked

and tested.

There is continual evolving design from ongoing owner feedback.

Continual Improvement and Testing.

On the cost side, Boatbags™ are EXCELLENT VALUE.  We know that every penny

counts in club and personal finances and because we are all rowers and money is

always an issue in our sport, we keep the price  and margins as lean as possible so

that more boats and equipment can get covered and protected.

We put the same thought and care into the making of a Boatbag™ that goes into the

making of  World Class Racing Boats.  Every Boatbag™ is bespoke made to your

specific instructions and has these features.

They are STRONGLY DOUBLE STITCHED with top class long lasting thread with the

smallest stitch width in the Rowing.  This means it takes a lot longer to make but it

makes Boatbags™ far stronger, more durable, last a great deal longer and much more

weatherproof.  No other covers are made like this.

There are NO  Metal to ensure the boat is safe from scratching and chaffing.

The materials will never, ever harm the boats as they have all been fully tested.

All Boatbags™are  VERY, VERY EASY TO PUT ON and TAKE OFF and can be done on

your own.

These processes are always on going and moving on.